It's in the genes at Carl Greve

Alice Wheeler Greve was a local Portland author back in the 1940's. She also happened to be Carl Greve's wife. That means that she was Karl (not a typo, he spelled his name with a 'K') Greve Jr.'s mother, and Carl "Nick" Greve III's grandmother, and Carl "Tim" Greve IV's great-grandmother. She encouraged Carl Greve to pursue his dream of being a jeweler, just as she had pursued her dream of being an author of two novels, "Shadow On The Plains" and "From Out This House". In fact, she even dedicated them to him.

This is what Tim Greve explained to his 10-year-old daughter this past week at the YPO's father daughter getaway, when he presented her with signed copies of each book. The point was to let her know that she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up, whether it is to be a world class jeweler, or an author...

it's in the genes after all.

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